RedStorm Features

  • It is Accurate. Simple components provide high-accuracy and reliability.
  • It is Modular. Universal components make up each portion of the system.
  • It is Versatile. New and existing facilities can seamless install with sensors and/or detectors.
  • It is Flexible. Count entire facilities or each level/area of the facility in a surface lot and/or parking garage.
  • It is Information. Teamed with PIMS the information in your facility is at your control, 24/7 from anywhere.

Guidance Software

RedStorm System Overview

The RedStorm Parking Guidance System is a stand-alone system that combines real-time vehicle counting with Space Available & end of aisle signs. Also available with PIMS management software from CRAMZ.

How it works:

As a vehicle enters the parking facility it passes a pair of sensors or loop detectors that records the direction of travel. When a vehicle enters the parking facility, the number of open spaces is reduced by one for each vehicle entering. Conversely as each vehicle exits, the number of open parking spaces is increased by one.

During this process the system control center is in constant contact with the Space Available and End of Aisle signs communicating changes in the number of available parking spaces. As the signs receive updated information the LED counters on the signs display the new number of available spaces. And all this occurs in real-time.

Pairing the reliable hardware with the PIMS™ Parking Intel and Management System, the RedStorm vehicle count data is simultaneously transmitted to the parking management software. This provides management with parking count and space available information from any web-enabled device. PIMS™ software generates real-time, dashboard usage and traffic reports which facilitate proactive decision-making. It also supports statistical graphing and data exporting to 3rd party report writing systems. PIMS can be used to share available space counts on internal and external networks and it supports remote parking count maintenance.

Imagine being able to view the count and space available information for all of your lots/decks/parking facilities from any web enabled device!

PIMS™ (Parking Intel & Management System) is specifically designed to interface with the RedStorm™ Parking Guidance System. RedStorm is a differential count system that provides real time space available counts to digital LED signage directing vehicles to available parking spaces in a quick and efficient manner, thereby reducing driver frustration, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. PIMS was created to provide the same real time data to parking administrators, operators, facilities management and security personnel via PC. It allows them to generate usage and traffic reports and facilitate proactive decision making. PIMS can also make Space Available counts accessible to patrons via internal and/or external networks.

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