Your parking spot is waiting

ParkiFi will get you there

Drive right to the best available parking. No aimless driving.  No wasted time. No stress. Your long parking nightmare is finally over.

  • Real-time spot-level occupancy: Know which spaces are occupied and which spaces are vacant
  • Real-time spot-level turnover: Know how many turnover events (or parking events) have occurred in each space
  • Duration time: Know how long a vehicle has been in a space
  • Historical data: Pull reports for any historical time period (day, week, month, quarter, etc) for any of the metrics highlighted above and easily convert data to an Excel file
  • Weather & impact event data: Parkifi analyzes how specific weather conditions and local entertainment events (concerts, sporting events, theatre events, etc) impact your operation’s parking performance
  • Predictive metrics: Parkifi leverages the historical data to deliver predictive performance metrics for occupancy & turnover, giving your customers insight into future parking performance

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