Parker Technology

Customer Service Platform & Call Center Services

Parker Technology helps parking operators deliver a consistently excellent customer experience when an issue arises at an automated PARCS kiosk. Their patient, well-informed customer service specialists answer intercom calls 24/7 and resolve them in under a minute. Plus, they’re the only parking-focused call center that can deliver a face-to-face customer experience through two-way video.

Adding this personal touch to your automation:
• Enhances the customer experience
• Provides metrics to improve operational efficiencies
• Increases successful payments and outcomes

The Parker Solution

What is the Parker Solution?

Remote Monitoring Services
With Parker Technology, we remove the burden of taking intercom help calls from your facilities 24/7. Allowing highly-trained, patient, empathetic Parker Technology virtual ambassadors to do it for you, according to your business rules and processes, allows your staff to focus on other business critical items.

Furthermore, your operations and ownership team gains visibility to call performance data, which provides valuable insight for improving operational efficiencies and enhancing your customers’ parking experience.

Reporting Services
The Parker Technology software platform documents every aspect of every call. Parking asset owners and operators have instant access to data about how many calls were made on a given day, week, or month—really any period of time. The technology also analyzes the nature of each call. For instance, owners and operators can monitor how many entry/exit issues, ghost calls (accidental calls caused by drivers pushing the wrong button), invalid validations or permits, credit card payment issues, invalid tickets, or any other issues there are. This information can be analyzed for any particular period or length of time. No matter what types of problems arise, the data created by the system can help diagnose the issues and help parking operators address them more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Two-way Video Technology
One of the biggest differentiators of the Parker Technology solution is patented two-way video technology. Within the robust software platform, users can review call recordings for up to 30 days (both two-way video and audio-only). Call recordings can help resolve any disputes that may arise related to a given situation, they serve as a powerful training tool for virtual ambassadors, and they have proven to be effective deterrents to gate-breaks and other malfeasance.

Parker Features

Over the past decade, parking facilities have become nearly universally automated with ‘frictionless’ parking has become the latest term to gain outsized focus. Sometimes you just need a human touch. To keep an operation performing to its peak customer service is a cornerstone. Pairing the Parker Technology solution with your advanced TIBA PARC system gives your facility users and visitors end-to-end satisfaction.

Anchored by a robust access and revenue control system and backed up with a patented two-way video assist solution your parking public has the tools for success. Rapid ingress and egress is critical, so is control. With the FISHER/TIBA/PARKER combination of services your parking facility instantly jumps to world class. Be sure to contact us to find out how we can deploy in your facility our modern solutions, it only takes a few minutes to up your parking game!!

Benefits for you, your customers and your team:
• The Parking Customer: Parker Technology exists to provide your parking guests with a better parking experience.
• The Manager: Parker Technology helps you collect revenue and make better decisions based on the data provided.
• The Staff: Parker Technology frees up your staff to do other, higher-priority tasks, reducing interruptions and distractions.

Watch to see the power of face-to-face communication.

Parking is the core business! Typical call centers lack the parking-specific skills to handle calls effectively, with a high level of quality and consistency. Our parking knowledge gives us the ability to understand what your guests expect and deliver a delightful resolution, according to your preferences.

Having a trained team of professionals to answer calls 24/7 can be expensive. With Parker Tech, your stress and the cost of staffing and training is immediately reduced.

Parker has time-tested onboarding processes and operational expertise to quickly bring a location online. Getting started has never been easier.

From the greeting to the resolution, your business rules determine our actions. You define exactly how your patrons are treated in order to strike the right balance between customer service and maximizing revenue.

All of Parkers’ CSR’s are trained to provide excellent service every time. A high hiring standard, quality measurements, and career path planning are just a few of the ways we invest in delivering top-notch service.

In your exclusive Parker account, you can listen to or watch any call with the click of a button. The trained Parker Customer Service Representatives capture each issue and resolution in our software on every call. That provides your team with up-to-date reporting on call issues, resolutions, and stats.

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