Take control of your EVENT Parking Operations

ParkHub provides a reliable, easy to use, cost effective, powerful answer to automating flat rate and event parking operations. Capitalizing on the advancements in cloud computing and mobile technology, ParkHub enables our clients to quickly move beyond traditional manual parking operations with little or no costly infrastructure..

One of many benefits to the ParkHub system is the “freedom to move” and the flexibility it provides. Event parking often presents an interesting challenge. There are times when multiple events may run simultaneously at a single (or multiple) venue. There are also other times when weeks pass by without an event being hosted there. The ParkHub model of licensing to the device (not the location) on a hosted platform allows users to deploy their ParkHub system at one location today and another location tomorrow based on your needs. No additional licensing or device fees are required.

Our system can quickly be moved for use at cash only locations (where it can run in off-line mode) to provide the counts and auditing you need without any cellular plan requirements. No matter what the configuration or need, ParkHub provides a parking system that offers options.

ParkHub’s application is a “cloud-based” or hosted solution. There is no server at the site. This choice of platform offers our clients a secure and reliable system with guaranteed up time. In addition to the benefits of having less hardware to purchase and maintain, the hosted backbone allows ParkHub to license handhelds to the mobile device, not to the location. This offers our clients a highly desirable level of flexibility. The ParkHub system can be utilized at one location or an unlimited number of sites; maximizing your investment dollars..

Traditionally, event and flat rate self-park operations utilize pre-printed tickets or employee counts to track revenue and are generally limited to accepting cash payments. This combination creates a vulnerable environment subject to theft and unreliable data. Manual reporting efforts require management to spend tedious hours assembling data and reports based on information that is often inaccurate.

The accomplished team at ParkHub wants you to know that there IS a better way. Upon implementation of your ParkHub system, you will immediately begin gaining returns on your investment. Revenue dollars will grow as customers receive fast and efficient service. In just seconds, cash, credit card and pass/permit transactions are quickly accepted, properly counted and employees are carefully audited. Efficiency will increase as ParkHub automatically provides instant reporting and counts allowing management to make timely and proactive decisions. ParkHub’s system is so impressive, simple to use and cost effective you will wonder how and why you ever operated without us..


Designed for speed and usability, WCP takes a minimalist approach to the user interface. By keeping it simple there is less training for staff, faster vehicle processing and fewer headaches for users and managers alike. Utilizing progressive technology makes navigating through the handheld application is simple and intuitive for users. Cash transactions are handled with minimal timing, credit card payments are processed with a lightning quickness with a swipe of the patron’s card, and acceptance of passes or permits occurs instantly with the scan of a barcode.

On the backend of the system, configuring the program is straightforward. Programming events, devices, locations, rates, season passes, user security and pulling reports is easily accomplished. Users with the appropriate credentials simply access www.wirelesscarpark.com and logon to the corporate account using their email address and password. From there, users can implement any programming updates, additions and changes or pull real-time reports on any of their associated locations. Managing your company’s vital data has never been easier..

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