SmartPark – Standard System Features

TIBA SmartPark incorporates everything that property owners and managers need in a facility management system. SmartPark is reliable, flexible and feature-rich and does not require frequent and costly upgrades to remain operational. The ultra-user-friendly software provides straightforward solutions to operational challenges and can be custom tailored for any type of property: office building, hotel, medical center or a mix-use development. SmartPark is a scalable product from a single facility to an entire city parking system.

Monitor & Control

With Smartpark, operators can monitor and control all aspects of their facilities including occupancy, system alarms, VMS signs, equipment status, and lane traffic. They can also open/close barrier gates, restart lane equipment, or even send a new fee to a pay station. Additionally key facility personnel can receive email alerts and/or reports for virtually any system activity.


Revenue Management


SmartPark is your turn-key facility management solution including real time transactions, ticket tracking, occupancy counts, alarm monitoring, parking rate programming, coupons, validations, zone counts, sign controls and much more. From a single dashboard monitor system alarms, revenues transactions, equipment status, cardholder traffic, open tickets and facility occupancy. See it all locally, on the web and from your smartphone. Validation and coupon management and production is made simple cost effective with an integrated module that comes standard with SmartPark.

Reports Management

SmartPark provides a full complement of reports for all aspects of your facility including transient, monthly, valet, hotel, pre-paid and event activity. TIBA SmartPark provides real-time revenue reporting on a local and enterprise scale.

Additionally SmartPark tracks hourly occupancy, entry/exit statistics, transient transactions and contract activity. All reports can be exported to excel, word, PDF, text files and other formats.


Optional System Modules

System Validation Options

LPR Connect is your value added license plate recognition solution. LPR Connect is reliable, affordable and seamlessly integrates with Smartpark. LPR Connect is an excellent choice for airports, office buildings, shopping malls, mixed-use developments and universities.
Pre-Paid parking reservations is one of fastest growing programs in the industry. Whether you use a pre-paid service or have your own ecommerce website. TIBA can seamlessly integrate pre-paid web reservations with a single TIBA PARCS system location or an entire city.
HotelConnect is a seamless interface to the hotel property management system (PMS). The hotel authorizes parking at the front desk and insures that the guest is billed. The guest can then enter and exit the facility with their room key. TIBA also functions with the new RFID room keys.
SmartValet is your turn-key valet solution for; off-site valet parking, valet-assist within a garage and front door hotel applications. SmartValet fully integrates valet parking and self-parking effectively and affordably. SmartValet tracks attendants, vehicles, revenue and overnight hotel guest parking..
  • SmartSticker – Easy, quick & affordable

  • eValidation – Technology in parking
  • iValidation – Put your iPhone to work for you
  • Chaser Tickets – an oldie but a goodie
  • On-Line Validation – Real-time flexibility
  • Off-Line Validation – Quick & reliable

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