TIBA eValidation Overview

Through a module in the TIBA SmartPark Management Software any computer with an internet connection can become a validation unit with eValidation. Simply log in to a secure website and enter the ticket number, then the validation is applied to the transaction in real time. If the parker forgets the entry ticket, they can call & provide the ticket number over the phone.

The user interface is very simple. After logging in the user enters the patron’s ticket number and authorizes the transaction. The exit transaction can be viewed by the user after the patron exits the facility. An ongoing summary of all the daily transactions will display in the user interface screen. The user can select different validation types, companies and accounts based on the permissions granted by the administrator of SmartPark. All functions of eValidation can be monitored and controlled from SmartPark by your systems administrator.

eValidation does NOT require a dedicated computer and works while other programs are running. eValidation offers a variety of validation types, including flat rate, discounted rate, hours discount, percentage discount, special price list assign and more. In real time, all payment system components recognize the validation, calculate the new parking fee and update the balance accordingly.

Please review the system overview video below:

eVal Training

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