What is Contactless?

Gesture & Recognition Technology to allow patrons to enter and exit parking facilities w/o physical touching of common devices.

How do I use it?

This technology comes in many forms, from ‘wave’ buttons, LPR to Payments the TIBA system can accommodate many transaction types without patrons touching any common facility devices. We will outline these items here.

Wave Button

Available with x30 & x60 devices is a ‘wave’ button that can be used for issuing entry tickets.

Virtual Credentials

Flexibility is KEY to TIBA solutions!! Available out of the box on x60 and with the optional QR Scanner on x30 is the ability to use virtual credentials for your contract parkers.
Using the TIBA Mobile APP you may deploy BLE Bluetooth Technology with virtual access, integrate the QR into the APP, and utilize virtual tickets for your transient parkers.


Touchless Payments by TIBA


Available with x30 & x60 devices is the TIBA EMV & P2PE solution.
In parking circles boasting high-speed & secure transactions is what brought TIBA to the top of the list in N.America. Using either Wincave or 3C we can update your system to Contactless Payment acceptance.

TIBA Pay by Phone

Available with x30 & x60 devices is the TIBA Pay by Phone solution.
Integrations. It’s a core function of TIBA and the reason we have leaped to the leadership role occupied today. With our partners Arrive & Parkmobile you can deploy ticket payment via mobile APP at no cost from FISHER/TIBA. Ask us how…


Available with x30 & x60 devices is the License Plate Recognition solution.
The LPR unit integrates seamlessly into the TIBA SmartPark & SmartPark Cloud FMS for hotel, contract & transient parking.

LPR Features:
Contract Parker IN/OUT
Hotel Roomkey Integration
eVal Validation Integration
Transient Facility Frictionless Egress

Parking Intelligence by TIBA

PI: Parking Intelligence. Sounds simple. But is it? As tenants come back to work & entertainment districts begin to open doors to the public; data (big & small) is critical. Who’s coming back ? When are they coming? What days? All important questions. Plus, with questions come more questions… How much can I charge? When can I charge? Is traffic heavier on certain days? Or certain times?

This is the reality of Parking. Having a TIBA SmartPark deployed is the most important step 1, but what next? How do I use my data to maximize my facility revenue? The answer is simple, PI by TIBA.

Use this tool as your goto determining factor for setting rates, occupancy & staffing in your facilities.

Use this tool to maximize your facility revenue while minimizing your facility bottom line costs .

Use this tool.

Parking Intelligence by TIBA