IPCOM Delivers Technology to High-End Multi-Family Development

The IPCOM technology team has been busy with multiple large projects in the 2nd half of 2018. Always game to push the envelope with technological advanced solutions into our projects this high-end multi-residential development was completed with all the bells and whistles available! Tasked by ownership to deliver an ultra elegant living experience for its  prestigious client base IPCOM enthusiastically accepted the challenge (and the owners budget)!!

Working on a design/build basis our engineers developed and deployed cloud technology solutions for residents access control, video visitor entry systems, video monitoring and alerting systems, multi-zone entertainment systems, an unreal wall shaking theater experience, internal and external multi-source video displays and a completely secure wired and wireless data network segmented for guests and employees. Oh, and we should mention all these systems are controllable with the simple touch of an iPhone, iPad and/or Android mobile device. Truly one-touch technology living in the cloud.

IPCOM is proud to have delivered such technology to this development and is equally thrilled to be working on continued developments for this and other knowledgeable development firms.  Our engineers at IPCOM are continuously pushing the edge of technology and are lucky to have the faith and confidence of our clients to allow us to consistently deliver cutting edge features inside the budgets set for construction. Please contact us to learn how IPCOM can bring your building into the next generation of web enabled tools at a budget easily achievable.

Project Contacts:

  1. Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. – @fisher_parking
  2. IPCOM – sales@ipcom-fisher.com

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Project Images