Our FISHER team has successfully delivered the 1st LPR enabled automated Parking Access & Revenue Control system to the City of Denver.  Tasked by ownership and the parking operator with providing high-end automated LPR monthly and transient solutions to this highly visible downtown parking facility FISHER and TIBA have once again delivered.

Setting the stage for a showcase installation in the Denver and Colorado region this highly advanced LPR enabled PARCS has instantly moved itself to the very TOP of the class in Colorado and Denver. Boasting not only high-speed license plate enabled monthly parker access to this first class property the installation also provides a transient passback system by pairing a pre-captured license plates to each and every transient ticket entering the facility. Not stopping at this advanced level the FISHER team also provided an exclusive transient barcode monthly pass purchase option, an AVI system for valet parkers, a nested area for preferred parking access, a high-speed credit card payment system and site specific custom equipment graphics unmatched by any competing PARCS suppliers in the state of Colorado.

Pair these exclusive features with a TIBA powered event parking entry system, a state of the art Commend IoIP intercom system and AXIS IP video system allows our parking operation partner, Interstate Parking to fully manage, control and operate this facility at a level unmatched in the region. With this installation FISHER has once again proven the power of TIBA PARCS and the unmatched features other suppliers can only dream of achieving.

A summary of PARCS features at this iconic downtown location leaves competitor suppliers envious of the unmatched power of the TIBA PARCS solution.  Detailed features include:

  • LPR license plate monthly parker access
  • LPR paired pre-capture transient parker access
  • Proximity card monthly parker access
  • AVI window sticker and hard tag monthly parker and valet access
  • Pre-pay credit card flat-rate event parking w/ overstay charges
  • Transient multi-day parking pass purchase options w/ full anti-passback control
  • Custom TIBA PARCS equipment graphics package for a one of a kind branding experience
  • On-line parking sales system integration
  • Central pay on foot payment systems for reduced lane congestion
  • Monthly and Transient pedestrian door access
  • Daily emailed revenue reports and lot capacity status

We are very proud to have been chosen by building ownership and management to deliver our advanced parking solution to this location. The FISHER team, in typical fashion was able to deliver this highly advanced PARCS system and PCI compliant network in under 1 week from start to completion. We are proud to provide TIBA Parking, LLC a showcase installation highlighting the 1st successfully deployed LPR enabled PARCS system to the City of Denver downtown core. This installation is not only a highlight but a foundation building installation that will be showcased in the market for the foreseeable future.

Project Credits:

  1. TIBA Parking, LLC – @TIBAParking
  2. Hi-Tech Solutions – @HTSOL 
  3. Commend USA – @commendintercom
  4. Nedap ID – @nedapIDS
  5. Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. – @fisher_parking

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