TIBA PARCS in St. Louis

Our FISHER St. Louis team has successfully delivered the largest Parking Access & Revenue Control system project in our client’s  parking history.  Tasked by ownership with providing updated cashiered and automated TIBA Parking Access & Revenue Control to modernize antiquated and under performing systems; FISHER and TIBA have once again delivered.

After a selection based on a competitive RFP process our team of engineers designed a TIBA system that would provide for key aspects falling short with the current PARC system.  The key features of the TIBA system includes a high-speed payment solution to relieve congestion in the exit lanes and a multi-site PCI compliant deployment of 23 lanes of PARC hardware and software at three separate facilities.

Using a mixture of wired and wireless networks the TIBA solution is communicating in a high-speed, PCI compliant manner. The wireless install enabled our client to reduce overhead costs by over $1,000 per month, an added service FISHER provides above and beyond any manufacturer deployed project.

In addition to a highly advanced PARC system, FISHER delivered a 4th facility with a cloud hosted access control system in the MIDDLE of our PARCS installation. Using the hosted platform to secure the facility elevators and office doors gives management the flexibility to manage the system from anywhere, anytime or any device.

We at Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. are proud to have delivered this advanced system under our project timeline and with no extensive installation issues. Based on the success of this project our clients have since trusted FISHER and TIBA to deliver an additional three parking facilities equipped with automated PARCS.  All connected to a central, PCI compliant SmartPark system this becomes one of the premier PARCS installations in North America.

Project Credits:

  1. TIBA Parking, LLC – @TIBAParking
  2. Stentofon – @VSbyZenitel
  3. Engenius – @engeniustec
  4. Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. – @fisher_parking

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