Online Parking Interfaces

In today’s parking world your operation needs to have exposure.  Exposure to available spaces, exposure to modern business tools and most of all exposure to on-line parking web sales.  If your concentration is still on a cash at entry operation for your major (and minor) parking events you are simply missing out on parking revenue your competition is taking advantage of.

There has been an influx in recent years of new web and APP based parking on-line event sales systems that are all fighting for your business.  So, what can a parking owner do?  How can you choose between the sales sites?  Our recommendation, use them ALL!!  Stay to the main players, but why not use ALL of these:,,,,, etc…

They will all have similar processing fees and they all have mobile apps.  Why limit your exposure to just a single sales portal when you can use the sales forces of all.  Some will have better sales for football events, some for baseball, put your spaces up on all and maximize the specialties of each.

So, you have enrolled and are selling on-line; now what?  Now you make sure that you have a flexible PARCS system that will seamlessly integrate with the on-line portals quickly and reliably.  With options available for scan in/ticket out or scan in/out operations the possibilities are there for maximizing your systems capacities at the lowest bottom line costs.  You may ask, how can I do this?  Luckily, we have that answer also.  Using the TIBA SmartPark Reservation system is a no-brainer.  With flexibility for different assigned rates and operational modes the TIBA solution is the most flexible and reliable solution in the market.

To wrap up with a conclusion we offer this.  While the options are far and wide in the on-line space the most important thing is to make sure your facility has the sales exposure to hit your goals for each event and the PARCS to back it up.  To learn about what Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. can offer your organization please contact us today HERE or call us anytime.

QR Imager Package

TIBA Parking is the Leader in On-line Parking Interfaces!!

The list is extensive and virtually limitless on the on-line sales interfaces you can bring into your TIBA PARC System. Using our exclusive NFC/QR imager at entry with a custom graphics package makes your entry (and exit) hardware easy to use and informative.