TIBA Customization

Leading the new generation of parking technology is a role that @fisherparking & @tibaparking has happily embraced.  To enhance the technology offerings that keep us at the top of the industry we offer our clients customization options to keep their facilities the envy of the market.  Make sure to take full advantage of our customization offerings for your new PARC solution and put your facility in a class of its own.

Custom Equipment

Your parking facility is the front door to the vast majority of your visitors.  It is vital to make a good impression.  We all know that TIBA has the market cornered on equipment that just works, but just as important is equipment that is aesthetically pleasing and informative.  FISHER offers custom graphics to all of our clients, customize your front door and say goodbye to the parking eyesore of yesterday.

Custom Media

Now that your hardware is 1st class its time to make sure your consumables are easy to read and informative.  TIBA has shined when it comes to flexibility in paper and electronic media.  From thermal roll to fanfold tickets we can customize your credential to suit your needs.  Have sticker validations, no problem.  We can teach you in 2 minutes how to completely customize each sticker batch with unique colors and text.  Want to show you logo on the graphic display, no problem.  How about advertising?  Yep, that’s a standard feature also.  TIBA, custom standard solutions.

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