Single Space Guidance


Parkifi is revolutionizing the world of parking with a mission is to reduce parking challenges using real-time data. Whether it’s a parking owner or operator looking to increase their top line revenue, create more efficient processes and better understand their lot, or a person driving around for 15 minutes looking for a parking spot, Parkifi provides the solution. We use sensors to track data across all the parking spots you operate to gain valuable insights on trends and patterns.

By gathering, filtering and sharing this data in real time, we help you manage parking far more efficiently – and revolutionize the way they monetize it. Our solutions work equally well for parking garages, surface lots and municipal parking.

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Advanced Parking Guidance

Flexibility is the KEY with our INDECT Advanced Parking Guidance Solutions! With solutions ranging from whole facility counts to single space analytics there is not solution more flexible and robust available in N.America today.

Choose between the INDECT industry leading Parking Guidance System featuring single-space sensors or our camera parking guidance products with built-in multi-space and multi-function sensors. No matter which one you choose, they will significantly improve your garage efficiency, occupancy and security.

INDECT’s leading edge parking guidance and usage analysis software provides 99.9% real-time parking account accuracy and their ability to monitor garage usage, parking habits and other important customer information.

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Full Facility Guidance

PIMS™ & the RedStorm™ Parking Guidance System. RedStorm is a differential count system that provides real time space available counts to digital LED signage directing vehicles to available parking spaces in a quick and efficient manner, thereby reducing driver frustration, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.  Teamed with PIMS the system transmits real-time data to parking administrators, operators, facilities management and security personnel via PC. It allows them to generate usage and traffic reports and facilitate proactive decision making. PIMS can also make Space Available counts accessible to patrons via internal and/or external networks.

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