FISHER Core Specialties

Our products are parking and transportation based.  The skills of the FISHER staff and engineers are solely tuned to products that improve our technology offering to our loyal and demanding customer base.  Not only are our core products ‘best in class’ but or ancillary products for networking, communications, etc.. are also the best available in the N. American marketplace.

Every client and every project is different.  That’s why FISHER engineers have the skills required to take appropriate time for consultation on your project.  After this very important step is complete we then design, install and maintain your complete solution.  We stand by our solutions long-term. Our clients success is our success.

Click below to learn more about all of our major solution products Remember, a total solution takes more than just big pieces.  It takes skill to integrate these items into your total solution.

TIBA System Features

  • Redundant Encrypted Barcode Platform, NO Unreadable Tickets!
  • EMV & PCI Compliant Options
  • Extensive Validation Options
  • Custom Equipment Graphics Available
  • Integrated VoIP Communications
  • Many Integration Options Available

TIBA Parking Solutions

In parking, reliability is critical. With close to 30 years experience in BARCODE PARCS, TIBA is the leader in delivering reliable advanced solutions. Offering fully automated solutions with integrated LPR advanced features your system will increase your bottom line. Simply put, TIBA Parking solutions ‘just work’, put it to work for your organization today.

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From advanced single-space guidance systems to full facility level space display guidance systems we have the right solution for your parking operation.

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Wireless Carpark combines premier hardware with the security of cloud computing to create a remarkably reliable system that works when and where you need it, even offline. With a quick Return on Investment (ROI). Our software is licensed by device (not the location) so it can be used at one or more sites without additional licensing fees.
The WCP system processes cash and credit card transactions in just seconds, instantly accepts barcode passes, integrates with your TIBA PARCS & speeds facility ingress. Topped with advanced reporting gives managers the data they need to make timely proactive decisions.

Today, parking has moved to the cloud. Accept credit cards, increase enforcement efficiency, provide on-line monthly parker permits and utilize event reservations, validations, all from one on-line cloud based parking management solution from FISHER.

Communication is KEY in providing advanced customer service. FISHER is certified in VoIP & IoIP systems from Commend and Stentofon. Integrated into your TIBA PARCS we can allow your intercom system to perform advanced functions to raise gates, lower gates, send rates, validate parking & trigger lost tickets. Don’t live in the past with poor customer service due to inadequate communications, engage FISHER for a modern system update now.
Visually Pleasing Hardware w/ Reliability is a Win/Win!!
We are able to get our instructions to the parker in a clear message, it doesn’t hurt that the PARCS equipment fits our overall facility aesthetic.

FISHER Guidance Solutions

Depending on your parking facility we have your covered with a simple, reliable, cost effective guidance solution that’s quick and easy to install.  With INDECT for advanced parking guidance and RedStorm 2.0 for whole facility you can transform your customers’ parking experience, build customer loyalty, and increase the efficiency of your parking operation with advanced count solutions.

  • Simple effective guidance
  • Maximizes car park occupancy
  • Eliminates congestion and improves traffic flow
  • Reduces emissions and improves car park air quality
  • Minimal non-invasive installation
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Stand Alone or Integrated Options

INDECT and RedStorm2.0setting the standard for the future of advanced parking guidance

FISHER Guidance Solutions

RedStorm w/ PIMS 98

Count System Features

  • Software Driven Solutions
  • Scalable Deployments
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Dynamic Rate Features
  • Unmatched Accuracy
  • Reduced Emissions

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